FINALLY, life has calmed down enough where I can start to get back to my normal routine.. It has been a completely insane 2 months , I’ve constantly been going and finding new thing out daily about the boys!

We found out our three month old has Torticollis, which is when their neck muscles contract and it causes their head to turn to one side, which has lead to one side of his head being a tad flat. So I have been running around like a mad woman for the last 3-4 weeks from chiropractic appointments for both boys , to PT with the baby.

Then to add more we found out the baby has silent reflux , he’s now on medication for that to help ease any discomfort and it has seemed to work wonders because he’s so much happier!

Like I said it’s been a crazy few months .. Ifs funny how people say how every baby is different and you think nothing of it, like your kids are going to be exactly the same.. and then you have your second child and your like wait …. what? I think I have been to more doctors offices in the last 3 months then I ever was with my oldest in maybe a year.. Between re check-ups to specialist .. whew I’m beat!

So to any of my friends , I’m sorry if I have fallen off the face of the earth but we have been seriously struggling with all of these issues and trying to figure out solutions.

Everyone is now doing great , we go once a week to PT and the baby is doing amazing! Every week he’s getting stronger and everything is coming easier to him.. It just makes me smile ❤

We’re going to see a specialist to discuss the flat side of his head , which I think is going to be fine now since his Torticollis is almost gone, and he can move from side to side by himself , but better safe then sorry!

And seriously thank you to the friends who been so patient with me and have reached out to check on us and see how things are going , you have kept me sane and going you are more appreciated then I can even explain !!

Cheers !


Two under Two

Having two children under the age of two is probably the most challenging thing I have ever done. It’s also the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. I could not be happier with my two boys and the huge smile they put on my face everyday!

Where do I even begin.. The restless nights with my newborn, and the mornings my toddler wants to wake up before the sun are the extremely exhausting days that require a little more coffee and patience. The terrible two days, which seem to be coming more often then not, where the smallest thing can start a tantrum. Those days require a glass of wine after bedtime.

But then there are the days where everything for the most part goes smooth.. We maybe have one or two meltdowns and move on quickly, and we only have to listen to Elmo a few times … those are the days I live for. My toddler is starting to realize that his baby brother is actually a human and soon enough will be able to play with him, and when the baby realizes his brother is walking by he can’t keep his eyes off of him and will almost roll over to follow him walking by.

Those moments make my heart beat fast, I can’t wait to see them grow and become best friends. I can’t wait to hear them laugh together, I can wait for the ganging up on me to get their way, but I also can’t wait to look back on all that stuff.

The days are long the nights are short but before I know it these boys are going to be going to school and not wanting to hug and kiss me several times a day. My babies won’t be babies for long, so I’ll push through these terrible twos, there’s always a glass of wine waiting for me, I’ll push through the early mornings, the Keurig is only two buttons to push… There is always a solution for everything ❤️

So here’s to the other moms out there struggling keeping their eyes open, loosing their minds, and wondering when nap time is… we’re all going through it but at different times, and we should all be there for one another because raising two kids under two is hard, and having someone to talk to can sometimes be your saving grace ❤️

Cheers to raising good humans, we need more of them these days 💙

Children’s Chiropractor

I am in aw of the chiropractor that I take both of my sons to. We started going, and today they got adjusted!

I’m not going to lie I was super nervous and curious how exactly it worked. Because I have been adjusted and even that made me nervous.. Someone pushing and popping you.. I just couldn’t picture how they would even do it with the kids.

So after our first appointment, where they walked us through the entire process and how it worked and what they do I was still a little nervous but a little less worried about it.

We went in this morning and before he even started he talked to us again how it was going to go and really eased my worries.. He had me lay down on my back on the table and had me lay the baby on my chest, he adjusted him on me that way I could comfort him if he started to get fussy or anything … well he didn’t .. The chiropractor went to adjust his neck, which is supper tight and he always looks one way, which we are starting physical therapy tomorrow , and the baby started to laugh.. I couldn’t even believe it.

When the chiropractor was all done he picked the baby up so I could get up off the table, he held him and my son looked right at him and was smiling and laughing , that’s a pretty HUGE thing because he rarely even does that with my husband. After that I knew we were going to be so happy with the results .

Then my toddler went , he laid on my husbands chest and got adjusted, he was a little scared but he was totally fine ..

Since the appointment my toddler has been so reactive , talkative, interested in everything .. which he always has been but so much more in-depth, which the chiropractor told us could happen. He’s just a happier little guy !

I never realized how important and how much adjusting your spine can help with your overall health and wellness .

If there is one thing I can recommend to parents with small children, that are difficult eaters, have trouble sleeping through the night, are colicy, or have any digestion problems, would be to go to a chiropractor who specializes in children! I am blown away with the results with just one adjustment … I can’t even imagine what it will be like once they start going more regularly! Hopefully sleeping through the night and eating normal meals!!

Cheers! 🙌🏼

Learning new words

Ok, I know I’m not the only one that laughs when my child says a naughty word.. He’s learning new words everyday and it seems like everyday he says something new .

My toddlers new favorite word is fuc to the k.. so that’s been fun… Any time he needs a fork or anything that somewhat sounds like that is the f word…

But then sometimes he uses it in context and that’s when I know we need to start watching what we’re saying… I mean we’re not a bunch of sailors, but everyone drops it once in awhile ..

You learn as you go people , you learn as you go…

cheers to toddler-hood

Sick of sickness

I am one thousand percent over all of these sicknesses going around this winter … I have never been one to be a freak about germs or really get sick much, but now having a newborn I’m terrified with how bad the flu is this year that someone in our house is going to get it!

I just don’t understand how people are ok with bringing their sick kids or even themselves being sick out in public.. I mean I get it if your an adult you have to get out and get your own groceries and whatnot .. but don’t bring your sick kids out!

With all of these cases of the flu going around and how many children have died from it is terrifying!

So keep those sick kiddies home and here’s to staying healthy!

Peace out sickness! ✌🏼

Daddy duties

Let me just take a second to tell you all how amazing my husband is, I mean most of the time he drives me crazy but the rest of the time he’s pretty freaking perfect ….

Today I FINALLY had time to get my hair done, and Mother Nature must have know, because she dumped about 8 inches of snow on us and it’s been freezing all day, so lucky for me my husband could come home early and watch the boys so I didn’t have to take them out in the weather!

So while I’m at the salon I figured I’d check our nest camera, not surprising my husband is walking around the kitchen with the toddler upside down, on his back, holding him by his ankles … Now I remember why I don’t interrupt boy time .. LOL just seeing him playing with the boys makes me so happy, even if their upside down laughing…

Once I was all beautified I headed home and once I got their everyone greeted me with such excitement, I guess the few hours I was gone really made them appreciate momma! That or dad traumatized them hahaha

Also, they clearly had fun because my living room looks like it was flipped upside down.. I mean everyone is still breathing and is happy so I guess the mess I can deal with.

Cheers to some mommy time!

Tupper where?

If there is one thing that drives me crazy, it’s miss matched Tupperware. Like where do the tops even go? How do they not fit anymore? How do they get so messy in my cabinet !?!

I’ll tell you how , it’s called your in a rush or being lazy. Yes your not suppose to put them in the dish washer because there going to shrink and not fit right again , and then when their done being shrunk in the dishwasher your trying to hurry up and put everything away before your toddler realizes you have the dishwasher open so he can come stand on the lid or take stuff out and dirty it again , so you just throw it in the cabinet real quick .. Then the lids that go missing are in some part of a missing top community.. who knows.. probably with the missing socks..

Yup, that’s how it happens…. So today the kids were cooperating with me , so I took the time to re organize the cabinet. It felt so good to get everything together , and just throw away the ones that didn’t fit any more or didn’t have lids!

I mean let’s be real, I’m still most likely going to throw the Tupperware in the dishwasher… I honestly hate hand washing them, because your scrubbing them and next thing you know your getting shot with soapy water from the corner. Ugh.

Cheers to clean cabinets and dishwashers !